High School Course Offerings

Music Composition

Students will be introduced to the basic of music composition through a variety of methods. Including the analysis of and study of historical changes made in time period, context, and relevance. Student will create a portfolio of their work and demonstrate appropriate understandings theoretical aspects and their own creative influences. Students will use keyboards, guitars, percussion, voice and other instruments as tools for composing.

Connections: U.S. History course syllabus could be tied to the time periods studied here

Intro to Composition and Recording

Student s will use a variety of music sequencing, recording, and composition software to learn the composition and music notation basic. Through guided composition projects, students become familiar with and gain the ability to thoughtfully compose. Students will keep an electronic portfolio of their work learning, how to edit, sequence, and electronically perform their pieces. Proper theory including harmony, melody, and rhythm will be considered a major component of a successful composition.

Connections: Technology, proper use of software, hardware, and keyboards.

College/Career prep: Students will be asked to compose a jingle for a major corporation. What will attract an audience and/or customer?

Beginning Band

In this class students will have the opportunity to chose and learn a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument in a group setting. the goal is to enable students to communicate effectively through instrumental music and share an understanding of different styles of music. Students will learn proper technique, music literacy, music theory, and musical expression by rehearsing with each other as well as performing musically with confidence for the public. 

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